Groups disagree on how to draw downtown Merced districts

Highlights Independent Districting Advisory Committee looks for input at final community meeting Neighborhood organization wants downtown to be own district Nonprofit says downtown should be split Miguel Lopez, chairman of Merced’s Independent Districting Advisory Committee, right, and committee member See Lee speak with reporters Wednesday about a proposal that would split Merced into six districts….

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Tatiana Vizcaino-Stewart: District elections should make city council more inclusive, diverse

Seven Merced citizens are making history. They are part of the Independent Districting Advisory Committee (IDAC), which will be responsible for recommending a districting plan that divides Merced into six city council districts. These districts will be used for future city council elections. This has never been done before in the city of Merced. Before…

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Districting Committee seeks more public input

Members of the committee to draw up districts for local elections in Merced held a news conference at Tenaya Middle School on Thursday to update residents on their progress and to ask for more public participation. Merced’s Independent Districting Advisory Committee has met twice this year and plans several more meetings. The committee has reached…

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