Community forum to be held on education, health and safety Thursday

BY MONICA VELEZ | mvelez@mercedsunstar.com Health access, education equity, and safe neighborhoods will be the topic of discussion for community members and city leaders during a forum on Thursday. Advocates and leaders in the community will have the chance to speak on how education funding impacts youth and discuss how to expand health access in Merced…

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LCAP plans reflect local goals for Merced education

It’s name may be somewhat unwieldy, but a Local Control Accountability Plan gives local residents a chance to weigh in on how their schools are governed, Tammie Calzadillas believes. Calzadillas is assistant superintendent for educational services of the Merced Union High School District, and has had a pivotal role in how the state-mandated LCAP process…

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Dan Walters Opinion: Brown’s big LCFF plan gets 3rd rap

It’s not exactly three strikes and you’re out, but neither is the third time a charm for Gov. Jerry Brown’s landmark overhaul of public school finance and governance. A third major research organization has examined how Brown’s “Local Control Funding Formula” is being implemented and found it wanting. LCFF, adopted in 2013, eliminated many specific…

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