Health Care is a human right!

It just makes sense to invest to keep people healthy instead of waiting until they become sick to treat them. Yet the U.S. spends only 3 percent of its health care dollars on preventing diseases, and 75 percent on treating preventable conditions. Building Healthy Communities Merced works to ensure that every policy decision, at the state or local level, takes into account the impact it will have on the health and well-being of everyone in our community regardless of income or immigration status.

BHC Merced’s Prevention Action Team (PAT):

The Building Healthy Communities Merced Prevention Action Team works to advocate for a health care program that supports the health and well-being of everyone in our community regardless of income or immigration status.

#Health4All Merced

Simply put it, the focus of the Prevention Action Team is #Health4All; To advocate for a statewide expansion of health coverage that is inclusive to ALL Merced County.

Our Partners

Our Partners

 Distinguished Outreach Services 

 Parent Institute for Quality Education 

 Merced Organizing Project 

 Healthy House Merced 

Health Equity Project

Merced County of Public Health Department 

Health Equity Project 

Building Healthy Communities  Merced 

 Golden Valley Health Center 

Merced Lao Family  



Prevention Action Team Members

Current Members

Rachelle Abril -  Distinguished Outreach Services 

Lupe Delgado - Parent Institute for Quality Education 

Crissy Gallardo (Lead) - Merced Organizing Project 

Candice Adam-Medefind- Healthy House Merced 

Marilyn Mochel - Health Equity Project

Katy Oestman - MCPHD

Palee Moua - Health Equity Project 

Isai Palma - Building Healthy Communities  Merced 

Ivan Prado - Golden Valley Health Center 

Chue Xiong - Merced Lao Family  


We believe that healthcare is a human right and denying people access to affordable health care based on immigration is wrong. The #Health4All campaign highlights the important contributions of undocumented Californians to our state’s communities and economy, while raising awareness of their lack of access to affordable health care coverage.
Though the Affordable Care Act has expanded access to health care for millions of Californians, over 1 million undocumented Californians will remain uninsured. Undocumented Californians are students, mothers, fathers, neighbors and community members. Illness affects everyone, and a person’s place of birth shouldn’t determine if they can or cannot receive necessary medical treatment. That’s why The California Endowment’s #Health4All campaign is helping to drive a dialogue to move our health care system to one that is inclusive of ALL Californians.

What We're Doing:

Educating Californians about the economic and social contributions of undocumented Californians, and the need to make affordable, quality health care accessible to everyone.
Providing residents and grassroots organizations with resources to help find valuable services for the remaining uninsured, and information to make their voices heard in local community decision-making.
Advocating to maintain and expand California’s health care safety net services for the remaining uninsured.
HHH_GetGovered_logo-Tagline-02A recent study from the University of California showed that nearly 5 million uninsured Californians can gain access to preventative-based coverage in 2014 though federal health reform, but many who eligible for Medi-Cal (the state's public insurance program) have not enrolled. We aim with the help of our local partners and supporters to educate key communities about the benefits of the ACA and increase the number of children and adults enrolled in affordable health coverage. 

What are we doing:

Reaching out to lower-income and Latino families to make make them aware of the benefits of the ACA.
Working with local partners to connect families with enrollment information and assistance.