School Success Express, Let’s Restore, Don’t Ignore!

It’s a fact. Health and academic achievement go hand in hand. When students are healthy in mind and body, they miss less school, focus better in class, and are more likely to graduate. Health Happens in Schools works closely with education leaders, parents and students to create positive learning environments where students can thrive. That means providing quality school food and beverages, exercise during the school day, and promoting social-emotional health that leads to improved behavior and greater resilience.
It’s an exciting time for California schools. After years of painful cuts, California is finally investing in education again. With an improving economy means more dollars will be invested back into our local schools. The Merced City School District is expected to receive over $12 million dollars thanks to the Fair Schools Funding Law – formally known as the Local Control Funding Formula – money to be used to improve student achievements and school climate

BHC Merced’s Schools Action Team (SAT):

The Building Healthy Communities Merced Schools Action Team aims to promote the essential role of health in students success, and advocate for positive and healthy learning environments where all students can thrive and parents are engaged in the school policy-making that shapes their children’s education. 
Focus areas:
Improved school climate through adoption of restorative justice policies and practices in schools.
Improved student wellness through implemented policy and practice changes through resident and student engagement in Local Control Funding Formula and District Wellness Plan processes.
Schools Action Team Members

Current Members

Hector Cerda - California Youth Connection 

Claudia G. Corchado - Cultiva La Salud

Emilio Vaca - SAT Team Facilitator 

Andre Griggs - Le Grand High School 

Theresa Guerrero - Parent Institute for Quality Education

Lamar Henderson - All Dads Matter, HSA

Mary-Michel Rawlings - Golden Valley Health Centers

Griselda Villa  - Golden Valley Heath Centers

Nomtsia Xiong - Merced Organizing Project


It is an exciting time for California schools. After years of painful cuts, our state is finally investing in education again thanks to California’s new Fair School Funding law (also known as the Local Control Funding Formula or LCFF). The law brings new funding to all of California’s school districts, but reserves the biggest budget increases for schools and school districts facing the greatest needs – those who serve the most low-income students, English learners, and foster kids.
Right now, every school district in California is developing a Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) that describes how it will use the new funds to improve student achievement. Parents, community leaders, and students themselves have the opportunity to raise their voices to set priorities and guide local decision making. We need to make sure that Fair School Funding dollars are used as intended—to help kids facing the greatest challenges. For resources and ideas on how to get involved in your community’s planning process, you can visit The California Endowment’s Local Control Funding Formula Resource and Idea Center.
What We're Doing
  • Were helping communities hold school districts accountable, ensuring that new funds are used only to support improved achievement for high-needs students. 
  • Streamlining trainings and civic engagement for parents to familiarize them with the new law and how they can involved. 
Time and time again it has been proven that ‘Zero Tolerance Practices’ in our school disciplinary systems does not work. BHC Merced’s Schools Action Team and its partners are working together with Merced County’s six high-schools to advocate an end to this failing system and the adoption of Restorative Justice practices/policies. In Le Grand High School, there has been almost a 90% reduction of suspensions/expulsions after the first year of implementation, alone. With less suspensions means more kids in classrooms, resulting to more funding and more savings per year.
What We're Doing
  • Advocating for full implementation of Restorative Justice practices within all school districts.
  • Providing extensive reports and programs that that encourage the elimination of the exclusionary school disciplines.
  • Focusing on inclusive relationships between students and teachers.