Nancy Reding: Three Merced supervisors took that money away from all of us

Re “Debate gets heated as Merced County leaders vote to end controversial funds” (Front page, Sept. 13): Merced County was on the verge of making history. Now, thanks to Supervisor Daron McDaniel, Supervisor Lloyd Pareira and Supervisor Jerry O’Bannon, the” District Project Funds” of $200,000 has been eliminated. These funds were voted by these three supervisors to…

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Advocates to push Merced County to help undocumented receive healthcare

BY MONICA VELEZ | mvelez@mercedsunstar.com  JULY 30, 2017 11:27 AM Thousands of undocumented immigrants in Merced County don’t have health coverage, but advocates supporting the #Health4All campaign say there are ways Merced County could help that could possibly benefit everyone. This week, Building Healthy Communities Merced, or BHC, a nonprofit group funded by the California Endowment,…

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Want to address Merced County’s elected leaders in public? Better speak English

BY BRIANNA CALIX | bcalix@mercedsunstar.com  JULY 11, 2017 5:37 PM Non-English speaking residents of Merced County struggle to voice their opinions to the public officials they help elect, critics said Tuesday. Lupe Delgado, a healthcare outreach worker with the Parent Institute for Quality Education, said many local voices have been stifled by Merced County’s failure to…

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Supervisors tout ‘Participatory Budgeting’ to local residents

By John Miller | johnmiller@midvalleypub.com Merced residents got their first glimpse of the ‘Participatory Budgeting’ (PB) process proposed by Merced County District 1 Supervisor Rodrigo Espinoza and District 2 Supervisor Lee Lor during a community meeting at the Merced County Office of Education. Local residents and representatives from a variety of community organizations met with…

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Merced youth gather at state Capitol to advocate for “Health4All”

BY MONICA VELEZ | mvelez@mercedsunstar.com Young people from Merced presented an art piece at the state Capitol on Tuesday afternoon they say advocates for accessible and affordable healthcare for everyone regardless of immigration in a campaign dubbed “Health4All.” “Our community is in a harsh political climate and the message we want to say is we are…

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What are Merced health advocates doing to help undocumented receive health coverage?

BY MONICA VELEZ | mvelez@mercedsunstar.com Community groups in Merced County have been working with health and elected officials to find ways to provide health insurance for the thousands of Merced County residents who lack coverage. Now, they’re reaching out to the community “to be part of the solution to expand health care access to the undocumented…

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Participatory Budgeting comes to Merced County

BY BRIANNA CALIX | bcalix@mercedsunstar.com Two freshman Merced County supervisors are experimenting with a new way to dole out the hotly-contested discretionary funds that each board member receives each fiscal year. Supervisors Rodrigo Espinoza and Supervisor Lee Lor will host a study session Wednesday to introduce “participatory budgeting,” a process crafted to allow residents to directly…

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