Hub Structure


To learn more about how Building Healthy Communities Merced is organized, click on the section titles below to learn about all the pieces of our Hub Structure.
Building Healthy Communities Merced Overview
BHC Merced is a collaborative of a diverse group of partners working together to create sustainable and positive health outcomes in the area of Southwest Merced and East Merced County. Our partners include adult residents, youth residents, faith leaders, community based organizations, local foundations, government officials, school representatives, public health officials and many more that are getting involved! Everyone has a role to play in creating change in our community.
Hub Staff

BHC Staff

This group of individuals is the core team that assists with the facilitation, logistics, and strategic planning of the BHC Hub while serving as the official liaisons with the community and The California Endowment. This group is ultimately here to assist in making Building Healthy Communities: Southwest Merced and East Merced successful in the years to come. 
Hub Committee
The BHC Merced Hub Committee is made up of eight adult community members, four youth members, four government-systems, four community organizations, BHC Hub Staff, and a California Endowment Representative. This body of 22 individuals is the core leadership body of the Building Healthy Communities Southwest Merced & East Merced County Initiative and is responsible for:

Supporting effective implementation of the Community Action Plan for the BHC Merced area.

Ensuring the implementation of Community Action Plan is accountable to the community.

Recommending body for the BHC Community Grant process.

For more information see our BHC Hub Committee Page.
The California Endowment
Brian MimuraBrian Mimura is our Program Manager from The California Endowment who works to ensure that grant making is aligned with the strategic vision and goals of the BHC. He works closely with community partners and the hub host team and strategically identifies areas of work to be funded as a part of the greater BHC vision of the community. Meet our Program Manager at our monthly Hub Committee Meetings or contacting him at
To Learn more about TCE visit our California Endowment Page.

Hub Structure

The Hub Structure was conceived to act as a guiding body for Building Healthy Communities (BHC) in each site with inclusive and diverse membership of grantee partners, residents, systems, and youth; whose key responsibilities would be to support the empowerment of individuals who participate, build relationships and help create and forward the vision for building a healthy community that was defined in each site’s Community Action Plan.
The Hub is expected to be in place throughout implementation of the BHC plan in each site. As issues and circumstances change, it will serve as an important venue for responding to those changes and keeping the plan on track. It will help to ensure that stakeholders are accountable to each other, and that there is local coordination. The community plan is approved by the Hub members and will be examined and updated regularly.