The Hub Committee 


The BHC Merced Hub Committee provides leadership for developing a shared vision of a healthy community and encourages partners’ commitment to the efforts needed to achieve that vision.
Hub members serve as ambassadors for the initiative, sharing the plans with Collaborative members, other partners and allies, the broader community, and policymakers.
The Hub committee serves as the central table for the Hub Collaborative—a group of youth, adult residents, organizational leaders, government system-leaders, grantees, and others to exchange information and identify opportunities for collective action.
Currently the BHC Hub Committee has 15 of the 22 seats filled and is currently taking applications to fill the last remaining seats. Below are the current members of the BHC Hub Committee.
If you are interested in being part of the BHC Hub Committee please contact our Hub Manager, Tatiana Vizcaíno-Stewart
Community Representatives

Jerome Rasberry Jr. - South Merced 

Joyce Marie Dale - South Merced

Maria Salazar - Planada 

Jennifer Sanchez - Beachwood Franklin 

Youth Representatives

Anisah Garcia - Planada 

Cathy R. Williams - Beachwood Franklin 

Jonathan Hernandez - Le Grand 

Erika Urquiza - Planada 

Organization Representatives

Stephanie Nathan  - Merced County Health Department 

Delray Shelton - Merced County Sheriff's Department

Tsia Xiong - Merced Organizing Project

Kelly Turner - Symple Equazion 

Carol Bowman - United Way Merced County

Brian Mimura - The California Endowment