Health Happens Here in Merced!



Health happens not only in the doctor's office...

Building Healthy Communities Merced serves the areas of Southwest Merced, Planada, Le Grand, and Beachwood/Franklin.
Southwest Merced and East Merced County struggle with the challenges faced by many rural, agricultural-based counties. Nearly one-third of families in the region live below poverty and nearly one in five adults is unemployed. Despite this, there is a wealth of opportunity for improvement in the region and leadership that is committed to turning ideas into action in order to improve community health.
With its history of cross-sector collaboration on children's issues such as expanding health coverage, youth empowerment, and youth gang prevention and intervention, this level of engagement bodes well for the community's future. Community-based organizations that provide health services are beginning to focus on prevention, and grassroots, resident-led coalitions are emerging to tackle the social, health, and economic challenges within Southwest Merced and unincorporated cities of East Merced County.


To transform our neighborhoods into healthier communities for all. The mission is to reduce health disparities and improve community health overall through systemic change fueled by adult and youth resident engagement and community collaboration. A healthier and more whole neighborhood requires all #MercedCommunitiesRise.