Nancy Reding: Three Merced supervisors took that money away from all of us

Re “Debate gets heated as Merced County leaders vote to end controversial funds” (Front page, Sept. 13): Merced County was on the verge of making history. Now, thanks to Supervisor Daron McDaniel, Supervisor Lloyd Pareira and Supervisor Jerry O’Bannon, the” District Project Funds” of $200,000 has been eliminated. These funds were voted by these three supervisors to be put into the general fund where Merced County residents would have no say or vote on how the monies are spent.
According to the Merced Sun-Star, Merced County would have been the first county of our size ever to implement “Participatory Budgeting.” This would have allowed residents to have a real say and personal investment in how our taxes are spent. It was our opportunity to participate in this process.
Participatory Budgeting would have created transparent, engaged civic participation and community collaboration. It would have held everyone accountable and would have included the community in a powerful way. What a concept!
We, the people, must stand up and speak up. We must demand the right to spend our “District Project Funds” monies on projects we want and that will benefit and improve our communities. Let your supervisors know.
Read it in the Merced Sun-Star: