We stand by our values and will continue for Health & Justice 4 All

The results of the election have shocked many groups and community members working under the Building Healthy Communities umbrella.
While the campaign for the presidency raged on and brutally humiliated, attacked, and promoted the exclusion of many, Merced residents mobilized, held candidate forums in Hmong and Spanish and got out the vote. We were exhilarated by the opportunity to engage in dialogue with our future representatives and felt unafraid to speak up.
The election results changed the elation into fear and dejection. We are entering a challenging period. We don’t know what will be the changes President-elect Donald Trump will implement regarding a variety of issues, reforms, and protections we have been fighting for. It is important to know the Obama administration remains in control through Jan. 19, and all current immigration policies remain in effect. We are already reaching out to our immigrant community to offer reassurance, support, and resources.
We will continue supporting civic involvement and participation of residents and youth, including undocumented immigrants, LGBT, formerly incarcerated and boys and men of color. We will remain strong in our commitment to the community. We stand by our values and will continue organizing and mobilizing in ways that protect the most vulnerable.
TATIANA VIZCAINO-STEWART, Hub Manager of Building Healthy Communities Merced
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