Building A State Of Resilience

Our national election has fostered an environment of uncertainty and concern about our progress toward a more equitable and inclusive democracy. Blatant expressions of racism and bigotry are especially troubling.
The Board of Directors of The California Endowment stands in solidarity with California communities in an unwavering commitment to justice and inclusion.
We hold firm to a vision of a healthy California, one where all communities have power and voice to build vibrant communities that ensure the health and safety of every person.  An attack on any community — especially the most vulnerable — is an attack on all of us.
In our work across California we have experienced the power of people — especially young people and people of color — taking leadership in charting the future of their communities and their lives.  We have repeatedly witnessed the central and fundamental importance of shared power, inclusion and diversity, in bringing hope and change to communities, from City Heights in San Diego to Fresno, East Oakland, and rural Del Norte County.
Inspired by what we have seen around this great state and nation, we are unshakable in our belief that all Californians will prosper when we draw upon the core strength of our diversity, and when we respect the rights and dignity of all.  To ensure the health, safety and equity of Californians, it is more urgent now than ever to dismantle systems of racism and oppression. We call upon our philanthropic partners to join us in taking bold and courageous stands, and in making the investments necessary to make a vision of health and justice for all a lived reality.
In solidarity,
Jane Garcia, Chair       Zac Guevara, Vice Chair         Robert K. Ross, President & CEO
Stephen Bennett                     Walter Buster                          Bishop Minerva Carcaño
Shan Cretin                             Adrienne Crowe                      Hector Flores
Shawn Ginwright                    Leslie Kautz                             Christina Kazhe
Kate Kendell                           Marta McKenzie                      Steve PonTell
Karthick Ramakrishnan          Winston Wong