Kailani Sanchez: Support youth now and reap rewards later

I’m Kailani Sanchez and one of the young people who spoke at the Let’s Rise Together rally on May 24 at Bob Hart Square asking our elected leaders to support the Merced Youth Council. The Youth Council needs a real investment, so that the stuff we’re learning in school can be applied to our lives even when we’re out of school. That’s how we gain real-life experiences.
At some point, school ends and we’re expected to know how to act, live, behave and contribute in our community. But if our city doesn’t have a true foundation to support youth now, we will suffer as adults. What we do as youth in our city is going to determine what we do as adults later. If we’re supposed to lead in the future, we need the support now. Let’s avoid suffering later by investing in the Youth Council now. Help us help our city.
Our message is clear: give more support to the Youth Council. Give youth a chance to be a real voice in Merced. Give us the foundation and we will lead. Merced communities rise when we invest in young people. Merced communities rise when we invest in our Youth Council.
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