Jerome Rasberry: Take it from an alum, Merced Youth Council should be supported

As one of the people quoted supporting Merced’s Youth Council at the Let’s Rise Together rally on March 24, I believe the Youth Council is worth the investment. I was part of the original Youth Council when it was first created in the early 1992.
Our city council then saw a need for young people to participate in government and get involved in the community. That hasn’t changed.
Why not continue that and engage young people today? We all know young people are the future. What our future holds will be determined by how much we invest in young people today.
We cannot have a Youth Council just to say we have one. These young people are looking for learning experiences to prepare them to lead. They have a perspective we don’t. They experience things we no longer deal with, or never had to deal with because of societal and technological advances. Their point of view is meaningful and different.
A real investment in the Youth Council is a must. We heard the support for the Youth Council at the town hall meetings this year. Young people are worth it. So let’s do something about what Mayor Stan Thurston and councilmember Mike Murphy said, that the Youth Council deserves more support.
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