Jerome Rasberry Jr: A plan to get youth involved in confronting gang violence

Re “Do whatever it takes to stop murders in Merced County” (Page 9A, April 30): According to a recent story in the Merced Sun-Star, there is a murder crisis in Merced, and the story goes beyond just defining the problem. The opinion offers a few smart solutions that must be used together to make a real difference.
One of the ideas is to convene a summit and invite a variety of community members, including parents of at-risk youth, clergy and others. Building Healthy Communities Merced and a few of our partners recently held a road-mapping session to help develop youth leaders by learning how to effectively support the Merced Youth Council. City manager Steve Carrigan and councilman Mike Murphy attended the meeting. On May 5, We’Ced, in partnership with Building Healthy Communities partners, will host a “Get Loud Youth” event to help our young residents harness their power and learn more about civic engagement. The event starts at 5 p.m. and is by youth and for youth.
Building Healthy Communities Merced invites all residents, youth and elected officials, to work together and confront this crisis to help all Merced communities rise.
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