Merced Youth Force Awakens Through Social Justice

Merced youth groups last Wednesday celebrated youth involvement in their community and local campaigns, as part of a Star Wars-themed event by the California Endowment celebrating youth empowerment in ten cities across the state. The #MyForceAwakens Campaign focused on lifting awareness and amplify messages surrounding the health and well-being of young people across CA.
In Merced, young people from several youth groups and organizations as well as community organizers part of the Building Healthy Communities Merced initiative (a place-base health initiative through the California Endowment), celebrated and presented work that have been done throughout the year. The event was centered around encouraging young people to rise up and realize that obstacles and struggles they face in their community can be overcome. It also served to reflect and celebrate the positive changes that have slowly been taking in place in the community. During the event young-people were asked to post on social media about the issues in their community with the social media tag #myforceawakens, named after the newest Star Wars film.
“We are here to celebrate with the youth of Merced and encourage them that their voices matter” said, Claudia Gonzalez, Beat Reporter of We’Ced Youth Media. “The Force” is defined as the power within all of us where “Jedis” train and master the Force. Young people are the “Jedis” with limitless talents and skills that when invested and provided support, will influence positive change in our community. said Gonzalez.
The event was a collaboration by We’Ced Youth Media, a non-profit news editorial for young people, and other youth organizations under the Building Healthy Communities initiative.
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