Ricardo Marciel: Voice of community fell on deaf ears

Letter to the editor:

On Oct. 5th, more than 50 residents representing the southern part of the city of Merced (south of the Highway 99) attended the city council meeting. I was among them. As a voting member of this community, I am appalled by the lack of interest the city council has toward the residents in South Merced. I do not understand why you would open a process for residents to provide input and develop maps for how city districts should be drawn, then brush aside the interest of the majority for the interests of the few.
Council members all said they felt it was in the best interest to choose plan NDC-C because it would provide the best representation for South Merced residents. As a community we came together and voiced our support for the Palma map because it reflected diversity, better representation and the change this city desperately needs. Yet the city council demonstrated why we moved to district elections in the first place, voting 6-1 against a map endorsed by residents for residents.
I am happy we are moving to districts because I am tired of having the voice of our community fall on deaf ears.
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