Edward Vasquez: Council should be more transparent in making this hire

Re “Public input not likely in city hire” (Page 1A, Oct. 24): I was dismayed to read the Merced City Council members and mayor have not committed to making the hiring process for the new city manager transparent by incorporating a process for public input. The hiring of a new city manager provides an important opportunity to demonstrate transparency. The current city manager, John Bramble, earns $175,086 per year. The city manager is the second highest paid city position. Public input into the hiring process should not only be invited, it should be the expected norm.
Councilmember Josh Pedrozo is quoted in the Oct. 23 Sun-Star saying, “We’re here to be held accountable to the voters. The city manager is here to be accountable to us.” Councilmember Tony Dosetti seconded the thought, “That’s why we have a city council. That’s why we’re elected – to make these decisions.”
The only thing worse than a lie from a politician is a half-truth. Wrong councilmembers, you were elected to be accountable and transparent in the decisions you make as public servants.
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