Clifford Dale: City should go with Palma 1 for true representation

I was born and raised in Merced, and I’m proud of the good citizen I’ve become. Some of my education growing up on the south side included living without paved streets. We had to fight – I mean really fight – to get the streets paved. But I am OK with a good fair fight. I am passionate about the south side of Merced; its new diversity brings voices that have not been heard before, and it’s these voices – added to the mostly black folks who lived in South Merced before – that are now my community.
Tonight, at the Merced Civic Center, the Merced City Council will have a chance to hear and act on the voices of my community. The council will be presented with map of recommendations by the Independent Districting Advisory Committee.
Communities for a New California’s South Merced committee and dozens of south Merced Residents have supported the Palma 1 Plan, and have been successful in having the southern districts of the plan chosen and recommended to the city council.
I urge Merced City Council members to hear these voices and truly represent each neighborhood in new city districts.
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