Youth Council fills remaining vacancies

After an extensive application and interviewing process, the sitting members of the Merced City Youth Council has selected their newest members.

All seats on the council are now filled, it was announced last Friday night at council’s 6 p.m. meeting inside of the Merced Civic Center. The council members can now take steps forward and begin working on various ways to improve the quality of life for young residents in town.

New council member include Robert Cervantez from the Central Merced District , who will take on the role of Task Manager; Vannaleze Baralos from North Merced, who will take on the position of Treasure; and Cathy William from Central Merced, who will hold the position of Historian.

Other announced additions  include eight Ex-Officio members who will be able to give their input at meetings, vote on certain types of decisions, and assist council members on projects. These young people include Isaac Fuentes, Nick Rivera, Kiara Veliz, Luca Lrenzi, Jakari Miller, Alexander Salas, Eric Sanchez, and Nicolas Wellier.

The council members will now begin serving our their 2-year terms, while ex-officio members terms are unlimited in time. Currently the next Merced City Youth Council meeting is slated to take place on Jan. 3 at 10 a.m.

BY JOHN MILLER, JohnMiller@midvalleypub.com Merced County Times.