Planada students enjoy career-oriented health fair

Planada eight graders get an exercise lesson from members of Pilates Plus.

The students of Cesar E. Chavez Middle School in Planada participated in a Health and Wellness fair last Friday to promote healthy lifestyles and encourage students to go into the medical field.

Teachers at the school, under the leadership of Principal Ildefonso Nava have created a school-wide, cross-curricular unit of study where the students have been researching aliments common to residents of the Central Valley. The y have also been researching different professions within the medical field and considering career options.

Riggs Ambulance paramedics talk to students about emergency medical equipment and procedures.

During the fair, students listened to guest speakers from the local area and had a chance to ask questions people who currently work in the medical field. Representatives of Le Grand High School, CSU Stanislaus, and the UC system were on hand to help all students understand why they need to do to go to college.

It’s not uncommon news that the central valley is in shortage of medical field professionals such as doctors and nurses. Cesar E. Chavez Middle School is just one of the many schools and districts within the central valley that is innovating the way we educate our children. By bringing interest to a field of profession most needed for our people, we are changing the way we approach health disparities in our neighborhoods; by helping our children see the potential to give back.

Staff Writer for the Merced County Times