Lisa Marroquin: Keep momentum going on McNamara Park

Re “Nonprofits get keys to youth center” (Page A1, Oct. 27): McNamara Park, a first step in the right direction. First and foremost, thank you city council and Mayor Stan Thurston for taking the first step in prioritizing our youth. I commend you and the city for contributing over $24,000 to the McNamara Park Youth Center. This is just what the community of South Merced needs to create better opportunities for our youth and help keep them safe from gang-related violence.

But why stop there? Now is the time to keep the momentum going. More resources for our youth will lead to a healthier community for all of us. We have the space, now we should discuss adding people. We do not expect our police and firefighters to keep our city safe without proper compensation, we shouldn’t expect those who run this center to do so either.