Be part of the movement to make all #MercedCommunitiesRise 

All #MercedCommunitiesRise

In 2017, youth will make a difference in our communities but they can't do it alone. That is why Merced Building Healthy Communities looks forward to working with City and County leaders, elected officials, and residents to #InvestInOurYouth, to invest in our Future. 

#MercedCommunitiesRise With Better Schools.

In 2017, parents now have power than ever to improve their children's education. A new State law provides more money to invest in the education of more children. Learn how YOU can make a difference.

Together we make #MercedCommunitiesRise

A new movement is happening across California. It's called Building Healthy Communities. In Merced County join us as we make healthy and fair communities for All. Join the movement. Get to know BHC Merced! #MercedCommunitiesRise.

Beachwood Franklin Scores $1 Million Investment 

News: Through the collaboration of BHC Merced partners and Merced County,  Residents of the Beachwood-Franklin area and local agencies celebrated a victory Wednesday that will allow for road improvements on Lobo Avenue near Franklin Road. Read more. 

BHC Community Circle: Planada!

We celebrated our 3rd BHC Community Circle this year in the beautiful town of Planada. Check out the pictures from this amazing event on our Flickr page. Thanks to all the amazing volunteers and BHC partners that made this event possible! #HealthHappenHere

The BHC Community

At its very core, Building Healthy Communities is about bringing people and organizations together to make Merced a place where all children  are safe, healthy, and ready to learn; Learn more.

Access to Healthcare is a Human Right

Health happens when all people have access to affordable healthcare. Learn how to get connected with local Certified Enrollers in your county; Learn more.

Health Happens In Schools

Health and academic achievement go hand in hand. When students are healthy in mind and body, they miss less school, focus better in class, and are more likely to graduate. Health Happens in Schools works closely with education leaders, parents and students to create positive learning environments where students can thrive.

Health Happens in Neighborhoods 

Your neighborhood shouldn’t determine how long you’ll live, but in most cases it does. Because where we live, affects how we live. In a healthy neighborhood, children ride bikes and play together in accessible parks. Young people have opportunities to grow and learn. Simply put it, a healthy neighborhood consist healthy youth development.

Health Happens with Prevention 

It doesn’t make sense to just treat illnesses after they happen. Access to affordable, quality health care can prevent people from getting sick in the first place, saving money, time, and lives. The Affordable Care Act is putting prevention front and center, so we focus on lower-cost interventions that extend the length and quality of lives and reduce costs associated with treating preventable, chronic diseases like diabetes.

Health Happens Here!  HHH_Brand_ID_Artwork_NoTexture

Building Healthy Communities Merced is a coalition of residents, young people, agencies, and community-based organizations working together to create and encourage thriving communities where all children and families can live healthy, safe and productive lives.
At its very core, Building Healthy Communities is about bringing people and organizations together to make Merced a place where all children are safe, healthy, and ready to learn.

 A Tale of Two Zip Codes  

When it comes to our health, our zip code matters more than our genetic code. For many communities in California and across the United States, easy access to healthy food options, parks for exercise, and good schools determines quality & length of life.
The Building Healthy Communities initiative seeks to bring equity to all neighborhoods so that all Californians can enjoy the benefits of healthy communities to live long and prosper. It’s time to change the odds for everyone.
It is time to truly invest in everyone. #MercedCommunitiesRise